Please contact Joan for more information, or with questions, about Positive Interventions Psychotherapy and Optimal Performance Coaching.


Phone: 978.869.4941 (9:00 AM -7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

Voicemail: 978.371.3456 (After 7:00 PM EST)

For both psychotherapy and coaching clients, sessions may be conducted live, by telephone, or
via video-conference (e.g., Skype), as determined to be necessary and appropriate.


Positive Interventions Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy clients must meet diagnostic criteria in order to be eligible for health insurance coverage for psychotherapy services. Joan also offers clients payment options on a contractual fee basis. Please contact Joan for more information or with questions.


Optimal Performance Coaching

Optimal Performance Coaching is done on a contractual fee basis. Please contact Joan for details.

Business Coaching & Financial Psychology

For information about Financial Psychology and Coaching visit Joan's website The Wealth Psychology Source.