Joan's Workshops & Individual Coaching For Equestrians Include:

  • Relaxation & Mindful Awareness Practices to enhance riders' presence & bring serenity
  • Essential Positive Psychology Skills for riders' self-talk
  • 3 Powerful Visualization Techniques to streamline your pathway to success
  • 7 Terrific Approaches to Goal Setting
  • Demonstrations of The Alexander Technique for riders
  • Nuggets of Neuroscience that open doors for riders to expand their creativity, intuition, brain power, & wellbeing
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Inspiring confidence to reach for outstanding performance

Joan Carroll-Cronin, MSW, LICSW, RLP

Joan Carroll-Croninis a veteran clinician whose extensive work in psychology includes over 25 years of coaching and clinical experience as well as affiliations with Harvard Medical School. Joan maintains private practices of Performance Coaching & Psychotherapy, providing Sport & Performance Psychology Coaching to athletes & performing artists, including riders of all ages, types, & levels of horsemanship. Joan's psychological expertise, creativity, & enthusiasm are hallmarks of her coaching work with equestrians.

Joan is a certified Sport Psychology Coach for Equestrians and is a member of the international
Ride Right coaching team. She also teaches the Alexander Technique, an integrative Mind-Body education method that offers mental and physical benefits to riders, including relief from tension, synchronized biomechanics, balanced posture & fluid movement, emotional agility, greater focus, concentration, & vitality.

Now an avid equestrian, Joan is also a running & tennis enthusiast and was a top twenty ranked USATF - New England masters marathoners for 3 years. She also acted professionally in US regional theaters for a decade. Joan's extensive background as an athlete & theatre artist strengthens her practice of Sport and Performance Psychology Coaching for athletes and artists.


"Press Release..."

Joan Carroll-Cronin receives coveted Ride Right Certification to teach
Equestrian Mental Coaching

"All riders - regardless of age, discipline or level - encounter stressful and unpredictable events and how they handle them greatly influences their ability to succeed. Joan Carroll-Cronin knows this and has always strived to help riders find the key to becoming pressure proof. On November 25, 2014 she took a major step in her journey towards helping America's riders overcome the pressure and performance anxiety so often associated with riding and showing. Already a dedicated rider and educator, she now adds a certification to teach equestrian mental coaching to her long list of accolades..."

"She proved that she's that special breed of coach who cares about helping the complete equestrian - both mind and body..."

"Joan Carroll-Cronin is one of the most dedicated and hard working equestrians I've had the pleasure of working with..."

"Because of her positive attitude, extensive education and effective teaching style I can think of no one else I would recommend more highly than her to teach your riders."

-- Daniel Stewart, former USEF Coach


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Joan Carroll-Cronin, MSW, LICSW, RLP
Telephone: 978-869-4941
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